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From startups to the enterprise, organizations are embracing our next-gen, AI-powered approach that addresses the cost and performance challenges of developing with Amazon databases.

3Steps to a fully optimized
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Simply enable access to your Amazon RDS or Aurora databases for OtterTune to use. Full data access is not needed as OtterTune only looks at metadata, queries, schema, and settings, keeping your private data secure.

Check in on how your database instance is running without having to babysit. By automatically watching your database in operation, OtterTune discovers new tuning opportunities and issues, improving performance steadily as usage evolves over time.

OtterTune helps you take action based on ML-generated recommendations. Improvements are reported to you and applied automatically or on your approval. OtterTune makes clear recommendations and lists benefits to consider as next steps in tuning.

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Keep your applications that are built on MySQL running smoothly. Use OtterTune to tune your Amazon RDS & Aurora MySQL instances, including one instance for free right away.

From high-volume transactions to sophisticated applications, you can use OtterTune to tune PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS, including Aurora Serverless, starting with your first database instance for free.


OtterTune makes our databases better. It makes our incidents fewer, which makes our customers happier, which makes us better overall.

Greg Burd

Software Engineer, Klar, Mexico City


With OtterTune in place, our team can focus more on new development and be much less distracted by database administration.

Daniel Rodgers-Pryer

CTO of Educational Technology Platform Developer, Stile Education, Melbourne, Australia

Where others give up, our AI digs deeper

OtterTune helps you take action based on AI-generated recommendations. Improvements are reported to you and applied autonomously. Clear recommendations and benefits are described for you to consider as next steps in tuning.

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