• Andy Pavlo


  • Dana Van Aken


  • Bohan Zhang


OtterTune Team

Ruogu Du

Software Engineer

Michael Hermenault

Software Engineer

Evelyn Chen

Software Engineer

Neal Kaviratna

Software Engineer

Yuze Liao

Software Engineer

Sylvia Zhang

Software Engineer

Haonan Wang

Software Engineer

Brynne Arsenault

Marketing Manager

Dao Chen

Senior Software Engineer

Shannon Ferretti

Product Manager

Gorman Stock

Software Engineer

George Norris

Senior Software Engineer

Levon Ritter

Front End Engineer

Daniel Swartz

Head Of Design

Megan McDonough

Operations Manager

Yijia Zhang

Data Scientist

Prateeksha Singh

Front End Engineer

Jason Lauritzen

Head of Marketing

Liam F. Walsh



Working at OtterTune is fantastic. The team is incredibly supportive and collaborative. The management is transparent and always willing to listen to ideas and concerns. The company also values work-life balance and encourages employees to take breaks and prioritize self-care. I am grateful to be part of the team.”

Yuze Liao:
Software Engineer

The most flexible place I've worked! Live wherever, even in a teardrop trailer! Additionally, the trusting culture makes it easy to go deep and consistently contribute meaningful work. It's exciting to see those contributions bring the team exciting progress.

Neal Kaviratna:
Software Engineer

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OtterTune’s vision of delivering AI-powered database optimization is shared by engaged and knowledgeable investors who see the broad applicability of our platform.

Amarjit Gill


Christopher Ré

Professor @ Stanford University

Lip-Bu Tan

Chairman @ Walden International

Luis Von Ahn

Co-Founder @ Duolingo

Manu Kumar

Founder @ K9 Ventures

Marcin Żukowski

Co-Founder @ Snowflake

Nikita Shamgunov

Co-Founder @ SingleStore

Reynold Xin

Co-Founder @ DataBricks

Spencer Kimball

Co-Founder @ Cockroach Labs

Andy Palmer

Co-Founder @ Vertica/Tamr/Koa Labs