Automatic Database Tuning

A new way to maximize database performance

Databases have hundreds of configuration “knobs” that DBAs adjust manually to tune their DBMS performance over time. Organizations often find that manual tuning approaches cannot keep up with the growing size, complexity, and scale of their DBMSs.

OtterTune automatic database tuning

OtterTune observes your database's runtime metrics and uses machine learning to optimize your database's configuration settings to improve its performance and efficiency, no matter the workload. OtterTune assumes no expertise in database administration and automatically performs metric collection and configuration updates.

OtterTune tuning performance chart

How OtterTune works: machine learning for DBMS tuning

OtterTune leverages sophisticated machine learning methods to actively tune MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle databases.

OtterTune architecture diagram

  • Connect - Start by connecting OtterTune to your DBMS and specifying your optimization goals (e.g. throughput or latency).
  • Configure & collect - Based on your goals, the OtterTune controller collects data about your DBMS hardware, knob configurations and runtime performance metrics.
  • Optimize - Using machine learning, the OtterTune tuning service optimizes your database’s configuration settings and continually improves its performance.
  • Monitor workload changes - The service learns what your workload looks like over time and can identify when it has changed enough to cause performance problems.

OtterTune also allows you to customize which knobs to tune, how frequently to tune them, times during a week to disable tuning, and even to run OtterTune in a monitor-only mode.

Try OtterTune or request a demo

OtterTune runs on premises or on AWS as a hosted service, and it currently optimizes PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Oracle databases.

To learn how OtterTune can help your database instances, we invite you to schedule a demo with us or request a free trial.