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Database inefficiencies are frustrating and can prevent your business from scaling and meeting customers' needs. OtterTune automatic database tuning gives you a fast, efficient DBMS that's more reliable, more efficient, and more cost-effective.
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Automated database tuning

OtterTune uses machine learning to actively tune your database. Simply select a target objective to optimize (e.g., throughput, latency, cost) and OtterTune automatically updates your database configurations to improve that target.

Workload change detection

OtterTune monitors your database and collects metrics about your workload. The service learns what your workload looks like over time and can identify when it has changed enough to cause performance problems.

Easy integration

OtterTune does not require you to install special plugins in your database or modify your application's code. It works with existing tools and infrastructure components.

Multi-Cloud / On-Premises

OtterTune works where ever your database works. It supports major cloud vendors, including both hosted database-as-a-service (DBaaS) and self-managed database deployments. The service also supports databases running on-premises in private data centers.

How does automatic database tuning work?


Connect OtterTune to your database without installing extra software or modifying your application's code. You then tell OtterTune what you want it to improve (e.g., query performance, cost).


OtterTune then efficiently retrieves information about your database's hardware, knob configurations, and metrics without negatively impacting performance. OtterTune does not need to examine your application's data or queries.


Using machine learning, OtterTune optimizes your database's configuration settings and continually improves performance.

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Tune your first database for free