Automatic MySQL Optimization

OtterTune removes the burden of having to understand all of the MySQL configuration knobs...
Tune Your First MySQL Database For Free

Let Machine Learning Automate Your MySQL Tuning

If you’re unfamiliar with the MySQL configuration settings--dozens of knobs that affect performance and scalability, your database performance might be suffering. OtterTune solves this problem by using machine learning to automatically optimize your MySQL database configuration, and keep it optimized as its workload changes.

Benchmark: Increase MySQL Performance 4x

Still running with the default MySQL configuration? Tuning MySQL on Amazon RDS with OtterTune boosted transaction throughput over 4x. Get faster application performance, or lower cloud costs by downsizing or consolidating instances.

Deep dive: Using Machine Learning to Automatically Tune MySQL

In this talk from Percona Live 2021, OtterTune CEO and Co-founder, Andy Pavlo explains the research behind using machine learning (ML) to generate and install optimized MySQL configurations for any application automatically. OtterTune observes the DBMS's workload through its metrics and then trains recommendation models that select better knob values. He also highlights the lessons learned from real-world installations of OtterTune to tune MySQL.

How does automatic MySQL database tuning work?


Securely connect OtterTune to your Amazon RDS or Aurora MySQL database. OtterTune does NOT require access to queries or user data.


OtterTune efficiently retrieves information about your MySQL database's hardware, knob configurations, and metrics.


Using machine learning, OtterTune optimizes MySQL configuration settings to improve your database performance. You can control how and when OtterTune applies changes to MySQL.

What MySQL Knobs Does OtterTune Optimize?

OtterTune removes the burden of having to understand all of the MySQL configuration they impact performance and cost, how they interact with each other, and how they should change as your MySQL workload changes. OtterTune optimizes dozens of knobs related to:
  • Caching
  • Buffering
  • Paging
  • Logging
  • Threading
  • and others...

MySQL Versions Supported

  • MySQL v5.6, v5.7, and v8.0
  • Amazon RDS MySQL
  • Amazon Aurora MySQL

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Tune Your First MySQL Database For Free