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Go beyond just reading metrics and install OtterTune to make a meaningful impact.

Key Benefits

Always Running, Ever Watching

Modern cloud databases are always-on and your database tuning approach should be too. OtterTune runs in the background, watching for issues and implementing adjustments, and making recommendations as your workloads change.

Review OtterTune findings and take action

Where specified, OtterTune shares recommendations with you, allowing you to see what it has found and how to fix it. Different levels of autonomous and human-in-the-loop capabilities give you more tools and more context for using them.

Connect OtterTune, with control over data access

OtterTune can provide some insights without having to even see your application’s data. You control how much OtterTune sees and how much scope the software has to work.

Tuning at Every Turn

OtterTune always watches your PostgreSQL database even when you're not and targets the most critical tuning-related database issues.


Leverage AI to pinpoint the optimal settings and eliminate guesswork.

PostgreSQL has hundreds of systems parameters that you can adjust, making it challenging to determine which parameters to tweak for optimal and stable performance.

However, OtterTune makes this task easier by tracking the workload of every database and utilizing machine learning to provide intelligent suggestions for enhancing system performance and efficiency.


Guidance on how to optimize your application's queries.

While PostgreSQL might execute queries fast initially, problems can arise in production environments as the database grows in size.

Thankfully, OtterTune helps you avoid this problem by examining the behavior and performance of queries over time and offering readily implementable SQL modifications to enhance the performance of your application.


Making sure that your database has the right indexes.

Determining the necessary indexes for PostgreSQL is a challenging task. Insufficient indexing in some databases may lead to slow scans during queries, while excessive indexing in other databases can result in wastage of CPU, memory, and disk I/O when there are data changes.

However, OtterTune solves this dilemma by inspecting your workload to detect absent indexes and identifying extraneous and inactive indexes that you can safely eliminate.

OtterTune Benefits

Boost Performance

Adjustments to default configurations can result in higher performance depending on the types of operations, throughput, memory usage, and more.

Reduce Cost

Optimized databases can run more workloads on fewer resources, allowing you to consolidate or downsize your number or size of cloud instances.

Automate Tuning

Machine learning algorithms generate tuning recommendations; you choose whether they are automatically implemented or applied only with operator approval.

Core Capabilities


Transparent recommendations are made available to you, so you can quickly apply additional improvements to the database as needed.

Secure Operation

The OtterTune agent does not access application data, reducing potential security issues.


OtterTune plugs directly into Amazon’s cloud database architecture.

How We’re Different

Multi-database Compatible

Both Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora database offerings for MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported, using the same user frontend and activation process. Plans for more databases are in the works.


Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University saw the need for helping apply modern techniques to complex problems, the result is baked into the essence of OtterTune and presented in a usable, practical, package.

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