Dana Van Aken (Co-Founder / CTO) Recorded on Feb 15, 2023

OtterTune v1.5 includes all the new features added to the platform in 2022, in addition to all the features in OtterTune 1.0 that our customers know and love.

V1.5 includes human-in-the-loop capabilities for user approval of configuration changes; health checks for database indexes, configuration, tables, and autovacuum; and new performance insights. All this is integrated with the Okta single sign-on platform, CloudFormation and Terraform for installation, and both email and Slack for alerts. Also, OtterTune is now SOC 2 compliant.

OtterTune v1 originated as a graduate school research project at Carnegie Mellon University by Dr. Dana Van Aken, who is now OtterTune’s CTO. By March 2020, Bohan Zhang and Dr. Andy Pavlo, Dana’s thesis advisor, founded OtterTune alongside her.

Tune in to hear more about the features added to OtterTune in v1.5 by the OtterTune team, straight from Dana Van Aken herself.

Join our on-demand webinar to see an up-to-date demo and see all the new features in OtterTune:

  • Improved installation
  • Slack integration
  • Support for AWS RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Aurora Serverless
  • PostgreSQL 14 support
  • Upgrades to the OtterTune agent
  • P99 query latency and CPU utilization as tuning objectives
  • All the improvements to tuning management for your database instance. (Human in the loop, anyone?)
  • Health checks galore
  • …and an AWS Marketplace listing

Check out all the features in OtterTune v1.5 anytime on YouTube!