Keeping Your Data Safe and Sound

We designed OtterTune to collect metrics from your database securely, via an open-source agent.


Deploying the OtterTune Agent for Secure Database Optimization

The OtterTune Agent is software you can deploy within your virtual private cloud VPC on a Kubernetes pod, on an EC2 instance, or anywhere else it can talk to your database. With the OtterTune Agent, you can connect to the database privately and securely, and send its telemetry data back to the OtterTune service. OtterTune’s machine learning algorithms then use this data to improve its recommendations for your database.


Secure Telemetry Reporting with OtterTune Agent

The Agent reports your database’s telemetry data back to OtterTune via a secure protocol. Since OtterTune does not need to initiate connections to the Agent, you can set up an OtterTune Agent without allowing any inbound traffic to your network, helping to keep your system safe from any outside attacks. The only data from your systems that will be sent out by the Agent are database metrics, anonymized query information, schema meta-data, and AWS Cloudwatch information.

More Security

Comprehensive Security Measures for Peace of Mind

✅ Dedicated security staff

✅ Mandatory company-wide security-awareness training

✅ SOC 2 certification October 2022

✅ Penetration & vulnerability testing

✅ Continuous security monitoring

✅ Intrusion prevention & detection

✅ DDoS prevention

✅ Antivirus measures

✅ Client data encryption, in flight and at rest

✅ Formal, regularly reviewed Security Policies, Business Continuity Plan, Cyber Incident Response Plan


A Secure Cloud Service

Database Metrics

OtterTune machine learning and health check algorithms analyze your database(s) Database configurations settings, Database, table, query digest, and index names and metrics in order to optimize their performance

Amazon Cloudwatch Information

OtterTune accesses AWS Cloudwatch information about your database fleet to help facilitate setup, and to help optimize for cost savings.

OtterTune Does NOT Require Access To

Data in your tables or user passwords

Proven Technology


OtterTune was founded in 2018, by DBMS & AI/ML researchers at Carnegie Mellon University

In The Know

OtterTune was named an Augmented DataManagement “CoolVendor”by Gartner in 2022

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