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After a $12M raise, OtterTune dedicated the past year to improving its product

The company’s cofounders told that they’ve spent the past year using its funding to add features to its technology and bring on new employees.

Pittsburgh Startups to Watch in 2024

Pittsburgh has emerged as a burgeoning tech hub in recent years, earning another moniker, the RoboBurgh. The city has become a focal point for robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicle development advancements.

OtterTune Launches Version 2.0 of Automated Cloud Database Tuning Service

With v2.0, OtterTune expands its capabilities beyond automated knob configuration tuning to include index recommendations and query tuning for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases running on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

Ada Lovelace pioneered Computer Science, now these founders are disrupting the industry

In 1842, Ada Lovelace designed a method to program the Analytical Engine. In reflecting on International Women’s Month, we recognize the women who have contributed to both computer science and entrepreneurship.

The Great Graph Debate: Revolutionary concept in databases or niche curiosity?

Do graph databases provide a significant advantage over well-architected relational databases for most of the same use cases?

AI-powered database management startup OtterTune closed a $12M Series A

Database automation and optimization startup OtterTune announced today that it had raised a $12 million Series A round. The funding was led by Intel Capital and Race Capital, with support from Accel.

OtterTune raises $12M to automate database maintenance

OtterTune announced a new $12 million series A funding round to continue to expand and build out its tool that automates much of the work of tuning MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. 

Rows, columns, and the search for a database that can do everything

Snowflake last week promised analytics and transactions in the same system. For some it was déjà vu all over again

OtterTune Provides Private Beta of its Automatic Database Tuning Service

OtterTune is offering a private beta of the new OtterTune automatic database tuning service, providing users with a system backed by machine learning (ML) that automatically generates configuration settings to improve database performance and efficiency.

Database Optimization on Autopilot: Our Investment in OtterTune

Supporting databases on Amazon RDS and Aurora, OtterTune’s platform automatically ensures that these databases run with the proper configuration settings, query plans, indexes, and replication schemes.

OtterTune, Which Taps AI to Optimize Databases, Raises $12M

In search of an answer to these woes, Andy Pavlo co-founded OtterTune, a database optimization platform closed a $12 million Series A led by Intel Capital and Race Capital, with participation from Accel

Rapping otters and automated database knob-twiddling

A university spin-out startup has announced a private beta of an automated database tuning service which its founder claims can double the performance or halve the cost of the popular AWS Relational Database Service.

OtterTune sets out to auto tune all the databases

Tuning databases is key to application performance and stability, but it's a hard job. Auto-tuning helps, but it was reserved for the Oracles and Microsofts of the world till now. OtterTune wants to democratize this capability

OtterTune announces seed funding, launches product

The startup received $2.5 million in seed funding.

CMU Research Forms Basis for Automatic Database Tuning Service

A School of Computer Science grad student's dissertation has been transformed into a service aimed at improving the databases that power popular websites.

Database Deep Dives with Andy Pavlo

In this interview, we cover a wide range of topics, such as CMU’s new autonomous database project, NoisePage, what his Ph.D. students are up to and predictions for the future of databases.